Southern Cross Labs

Custom LoRa and Narrowband Solutions
Perth - Western Australia

What We do

We design custom electronics solutions for niche requirements
using LoRa and NB-IoT Technologies. From Air Quality to Remote controls
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Using LoRa Technology we can customise remote control solutions for customers, whether its monitoring a remote bore 200kms from the farm or grid-tied electricity monotoring.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)

Our NB-IoT Solution is designed in-house leveraging the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Network, using a single Multicarrier SIM Card, We can provide Connectivity anywhere in the world.

Cloud Connected

By utilising cloud resources we can provide a fully customised and high reliability solution to clients.


Southern Cross Labs Partners with several carrier grade networks to provide coverage in the remotest locations where we have long term mast space agreements with high profile WISP's and Carriers. There is nowhere we cant find a solution to service.

Devices in Production
LoRa Messages Gatewayed
As at 29 Jan 2024

Our Partners

Our partners are our biggest asset, without them we wouldnt be able to provide the service and coverage we do.



Mast Space Partner

CiperTel are critical to our infrastructure, They provide our Mast space for Gateways all over Western Australia. We have a mutual agreement with CiperTel to provide their clients with access to our network in exchange for mast space and bandwidth


M2MOne Australia

LTE Solution Provider

M2MOne Australia are our partner in NB-IoT/LTE CatM1 Solutions, M2MOne provide Multicarrier sim cards that enable global coverage of gateways and devices. M2MOne also provide locallised bandwidth using the Telstra NB-Iot and LTE Cat M1 networks in Australia



LoRa Baseband Provider

Semtech is the heart of our product and the provider of LoRa and Baseband Solutions, Semtech created LoRa and we have a supply agreement from Semtech direct to supply our LoRa IC's allowing us to bypass the middleman and not have to have concerns for stock levels at resellers

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